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A place to meet your baby!

Welcome to A Love at first sight!

Come and meet us! We want to make you a part of our family!

Marta, owner, and ultrasound technologist.

Hi everyone, my name is Marta, I am the owner and ultrasound technologist at A love at first sight.  I wanted to create an environment where every inch of your heart is filled with joy, where your smiles are deeper than the ocean and where your baby takes your breath away.  A love at first sight is a clean, comfortable, and safe environment where you can watch your baby grow at your request.  

We invite the whole family to be a part of such a wonderful experience! Watch baby move, grow, hear the heartbeat, watch baby yawn and make silly faces! Who knows if it will look like mom or dad? We can show you! 

Let us be a part of your life, because we would love for your baby to be a part of ours! Pregnancy is such a memorable experience so let us capture all those moments of your baby inside the womb!!


Marta Nisino

Owner and Ultrasound technologist.

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